Experienced Leadership for Ellis County  

As the population of Ellis County has grown, unfortunately so has the number of criminal cases flowing into a congested court system.

Joseph R. Gallo will bring 23 years of his exclusive criminal law practice, as well as his criminal judicial experience, to the newly created Ellis County Court at Law #3. His election will help reduce the backlog of pending criminal cases and ensure more timely justice for all.

Ellis County Court at Law #3 has been primarily designated as a Criminal Court.

Elect the candidate with decades of exclusive experience in criminal law!

  • Ellis County Assistant County & District Attorney
  • Navarro County Assistant Criminal District Attorney
  • Municipal Judge, City of Waxahachie
  • Criminal Law Attorney, Private Practice
  • Councilman, City of Waxahachie

Join the team!

Be part of the team of people from throughout Ellis County that are working to bring experience and professionalism to the new court.